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About Our Farm


King's Tree Farm was established in 1968 in Carroll County Maryland. Kenneth and Donna Myers purchased the farm from Ben King in 1993. Ken began working for Ben when he was 14 years old. The farm has grown considerably since Ken and Donna took over. 

The species grown here have been selected for durability, beauty, rapid growth, and a tendency to resist disease and insects with a minimum amount of care by the eventual owner. 

All of our stock is B&B, with deciduous trees ranging from 2" to 5"+, and evergreens ranging from 6' to 20'. We feel that a lot of our success comes from soil and field preparation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and Nutrient Management. We incorporate large quantities of organic matter into the soil before each crop is planted. Our soil consists of clay-loam and organic matter that helps produce stable root systems, which are more adaptable during transplanting. To ensure our trees are healthy and disease free, we participate in an IPM program that evaluates our fields on a weekly basis.

Summer digging requires 3 weeks before delivery. If less than 3 weeks is given, material is shipped at customers risk. Our process involves trenching and watering before digging. Trees are then held in our shade and irrigation area for 2 weeks. Once new root development has occurred, the material is ready to ship. We have had tremendous success summer digging Maples, Kousa Dogwood, Zelkova, Elms, Kwanzan, Yoshino, Hawthorne, Okame, Beech, Styrax, Yellowwood, and Arborvitae. 

Available late August through early May: Norway Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Dr, Kassab Holly, Dragon Lady Holly, Deodar Cedar. 

We look forward to serving you and appreciate your business! 

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